Corporate Structure



SAND NISKO CAPITAL BERHAD (Co. No. 339810-A) was incorporated in Malaysia on 12 April 1995 under the Companies Act 1965. The company is an investment holding with provision of management services to its subsidiary companies.

The subsidiary companies are engaged in the following activities.

Len Cheong Industries Sdn Bhd

  • Manufacturing of furniture and furniture parts
  • Sales and trading of logs & wood materials
  • Management & construction related services

Len Cheong Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

  • Sawmilling & KD services
  • Manufacturing of furniture and furniture parts
  • Furniture exporting and trading
  • Investment Property

Len Cheong Resources Sdn Bhd

  • Real property and housing development & construction

SNC First Sdn Bhd

  • Investment of equity shares and property
  • General Trading¬†